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Workshop Service Repair Manual NISSAN X Trail T32 (2014)


Discover the comprehensive Workshop Service Repair Manual for the 2014 NISSAN X Trail T32, including Wiring Diagrams. Officially authorized and mirroring NISSAN service standards, this Factory Repair Service Manual covers all components and systems. Available in PDF format, it’s compatible with all devices, offering easy access, search options, and printing capabilities. Upgrade your car maintenance experience today.


Workshop Service Repair Manual NISSAN X Trail T32 (2014), complete with Wiring Diagrams. This Official Factory Repair Service Manual is identical to those used by NISSAN services.

Technical Information:

– Applies to NISSAN X Trail T32 2014
– Models: NISSAN X Trail T32
– Model Year: 2014
– Engines: MR20DD, QR25DE, R9M
– Language: English
– Wiring: Included


Containing all official NISSAN manufacturer specifications, repair instructions, and step-by-step illustrations, this manual covers a vast array of components and systems, including:

– Cruise Control System
– Accelerator Control System
– Exhaust System
– Horn
– Rear Suspension
– Rear Axle
– Front Suspension
– Seat Belt
– Steering System
– Ventilation System
– Power Outlet
– Seat Belt Control System
– Engine Lubrication System
– Clutch
– Steering Control System
– Mirrors
– Fuel System
– SRS Airbag
– Front Axle
– Drive Mode System
– Maintenance
– Charging System
– Defogger
– Brake System
– General Information
– Engine Cooling System
– Instrument Panel
– Road Wheels & Tires
– Roof
– Warning Chime System
– Glass & Window System
– Parking Brake System
– Power Window Control System
– Interior
– Exterior
– SRS Airbag Control System
– Power Control System
– Starting System
– Seat
– Heater & Air Conditioning System
– Wiper & Washer
– LAN System
– Body Control System
– Interior Lighting System
– Meter, Warning Lamp & Indicator
– Sonar System
– Security Control System
– Driveline
– Brake Control System
– Driver Assistance System
– Body Repair
– Exterior Lighting System
– Heater & Air Conditioning Control System
– Audio, Visual & Navigation System
– Engine Mechanical
– Door & Lock
– Engine Control System
– Transaxle & Transmission
– Power Supply, Ground & Circuit Elements

About the Manual & Important Information:

This workshop manual aligns with the procedures used in official and authorized Dealer services and professional automotive services. It’s compatible with various systems and devices, offering easy accessibility, search options, and printing capabilities.

Why PDF instead of CD-ROM or Printable version?

– Environmental friendliness
– Easy recovery and accessibility
– Compatible with all devices
– Printing flexibility

Enhance your car maintenance experience with this comprehensive Workshop Service Repair Manual NISSAN X Trail T32 (2014).


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